E- Supplier Registration:

Welcome to the website for the suppliers registration of the Abu Dhabi Health Services (SEHA) and facilities:

  1. Ambulatory Healthcare Services.
  2. SheikhKhalifa Medical City
  3. Al Rahba Hospital
  4. Mafraq Hospital
  5. Corniche Hospital
  6. Al Ain Hospital
  7. Al Gharbia Hospital's
  8. Tawam Hospital
  9. SEHA Dialysis Services.
  10. Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City

Thank you for your interest in establishing a business relationship with the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), through our website you can take advantage of registration services to participate in tenders.


If you would like to register (Click here), and please download and read the New Supplier Registration ​​Guide which will take you through the registration process.

By registering with SEHA, you will be able to outline the products and services your company can provide.


Steps & Documents needed to complete the E-Supplier Registration:

Make sure the below documents are available and ready for attachment while registering:
1. Valid commercial license
2. Authenticated signature of the person authorized to sign. (Download from registration page)
3. Declaration Letter. (Download from registration page)

4. Mandatory requirements (download from registration page)

5. Value Added Tax Certificate.

6. Power of Attorney (For the Authorized Person to sign the Agreements)
7. Full Name, Designation & Address of person authorized to sign on contracts.(in both language  Arabic and English) in official letter.
8. SEHA Third Parties Code of Conduct (To be Signed, download from registration Page)

Provide Below Certificate Only for Medical Companies.

9. Marketing / Distribution letter from the manufacturing company of the item to assign a distributor or an agent within UAE, letter to be issued from the manufacture or marketing authorization company of the item.

10. Copy of valid medical store license issued from ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) or no-objection letter for distribution of the item within UAE issued by MOHAP or other governmental health authority.




No Fees.


For any registration inquiry:

E-mail: vendors_affairs@rafeduae.ae

For technical issues: iSupplier.ITSupport@seha.ae